Mass Effect Prequel: Attack on Fehl Prime

Doors, doors, doors.. how do like it? how do you like it?

Session 1

Session 1  

Planet – Fehl Prime – 2178CE – Full rotation is 18 earth hours 9-9

This planet has six major landmasses centered around the north pole and between the equator and north pole.  It has an average surface temperature of about 69° Fahrenheit.  Its average temperature has been rising over the last several hundred years, and it experiences moderate levels of geological activity in a few hotspots.  Easily-mined metals are abundant over most of the land.

Fehl Prime Primary Excavation Site – A research base  located in the desert.  A classified council project for its pioneering work in prothean excavation and material analysis. It has diverse population consisting of primarily council races employed as scientists, engineers and security.

0900 hours – The research facility is left with only a skeleton crew as scientists and engineers are transferred to other projects across the planet. The skeleton crew consisting of:

  • Head Scientist – Mobius Deet – Salarian
  • Archaeologist –  Aava D'yseos – Asari
  • Head of security- Captain Ventralis – Turian
  • Security Officer – Damian Shadewanker – Human
  • Facilities manager – Trull Sengar – Turian
  • Lead engineer – Telzar Nells – Salarian
  • 3 x Asari Scientists 2x salarian techies 2x human cook & maintenance
  • Vash’tisha nar esmya – Qaurian – Currently in Prison


1000 hours – Breifing – Captain Ventrallis briefs the skeleton crew of the current situation  whilst awaiting for the incoming arrivals for the next 3 months on the facility. The next half an hour delves into the boring in and outs of the next days tasks and agendas are set for the crew. The crew goes about their general duties and get equipped for the days tasks.

1230 hours- An announcement over the speakers kindly asks for ‘All staff  to report to the control  room. Telzar uses his mechanical know how on the communications systems and electrical devices to confirm that the orbital radar is picking up six large blips on the screen and several smaller blips emerging  from the bigger ones. Immediately Telzar attempts communication with the transport ship carrying the transferred crew and is met with white noise over the radios. He comes to the conclusion that the comms channels are being blocked or  the ship is destroyed. As the group discusses the theory the whole station powers down to back ups with red lights flashing throughout. Emergency procedures kick in and the bulk heads lock down. The group discusses the situation and makes a plan. Captain Ventralis informs the group of a recent prisoner captured attempting to steal valuable research from the station and comments on that individuals finesse with machinery.  

Determined to secure the prisoner Damian arrogantly storms of the to security office and attempts to open the door after looking  like a jackass; Head Scientist : Mobius Deet, suggest calling in the engineers who helped build this place to assist. With ease Telzar initiated the override opening the doors between them and the security office. Trull attempts to make his way to the barracks to pick up gear for the team but is greeted by bulkhead door. Attempting an override and failing miserably Trull waits in the control room.

The two come across a Quarian within one of the cells when asked for a name she offers ‘Vash’tisha nar esmya’ Damian rudely intimidates Vash into assisting them. Without any hesitation or questioning they let Vash have all her equipment back from storage.

Meeting back in the control room Vash heads over to open the bulk head door leading to the barracks with Trull. Going past the mess they arrive in the armoury. Taking stock they head immediately over to the explosives and acquire  15 Grenades, 5 missiles and a ML-77 MISSILE LAUNCHER. They also bring back the basic armour and weapons from the lockers to the control room. During this period Telza and Damian open the bulk head to the main entrance, where the generators can be found. Looking through the windows Damian could see nothing outside. Telzar goes to the first generator and noticed the fuel line has been cut – SABOTAGE…., he spends the next 15 minutes fixing it and get partial power to the control room and security office. During this time the group feels an odd presence within the room. As Vash fixes the other generator. They see a synthetic creature clinging to the corner with a blue flashing light. Immediately and without hesitation the assailant attempts to drain the kinetic barriers on Vash’s combat suit but was unsuccessful due to her technical prowess in stabilising the discharge.

The group immediately retaliates with Telzar firing rapidly with his Submachine gun damaging the foe and disabling its shields. Darting to the other corner Trull readies his shotgun and blasts the enemy severely damaging it, whilst dazed Damian uses his biotics to shock wave the foe finishing it off and sending it across the room.  Thinking of her pilgrimage Vash scavenges the foes remains. Upon inspection  and from stories told before the group quickly identifies the unit as a Geth – Which has not been seen outside the Persuis Veil in over 200 years. Hearing the commotion Captain Ventrallis brings back the team to the control room. With overwhelming odd’s and the importance of the research the Captain calls for an evacuation of personnel and research/artifacts from the planet. This will be achieved be heading to the hidden launch pad. The Captain leaves Trull to head up the evacuation whilst he downloads and wipes sensitive data in the security room.  Damian not trusting his Captain sneaks on behind him and watches him download the data onto his omni tool. As it finishes Damian uses his biotic push to hurl ventrallis  into the security screens and finishing him off with a bullet to the head, taking his omni-tools.

Hearing this commotion trull heads to the security room soon followed by Telzar and Vash. Seeing his commanding officer and fellow speciesman dead & Damian putting away his gun with a Cerberus logo, Trull takes a pot shot at  Damian depleting his Kinetic Barriers. With the three others within the group there taking aim Damian attempts to con his way out of situation to no avail under Telzars Salarian mind. He even attempts to intimidate the group but when three guns are pointed at you that usually takes away any kind of intimidation. Asking for the missing omni tool Damian tries to lie by saying it was destroyed in the fight and tries to pass his own tool over as a ruse. Once gain this fails, as a final attempt to get himself out of it Damian builds up for a biotic push, only to be put in stasis by Archaeologist –  Aava D'yseos – Asari.

Disarmed, searched and bound by biotic nullifier cuffs, Damien is now deemed secure. The group moves back to planning the evacuating of personnel and retrieving the artefacts from the dig site.


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